Author guideline

As part of the submission process, authors are required to verify compliance with the following components (more details in format author guideline):

    1. For manuscript submission, all scientific articles must be original and unpublished works and must not be under consideration for publication simultaneously in other journals or publishing houses, either in Spanish or in any other language, until a final decision is made.
    2. We suggest to previously review the similarity level of your document, which should not exceed 10%.
    3. The file must be sent in  Microsoft Word format (* .doc, * .docx) in its most recent versions.
    4. The text must be submitted in letter-size paper, in 18-point Times New Roman font for the main Titles, 1 spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman for the rest of subtitles and 2.5. margins. 
    5. The first page must include the title of the article (<=15 words), and personal data such as a) name of the author or authors with an academic title (at least one of the authors with a doctoral degree), b) ORCID (mandatory),  c) institution where authors are affiliated, c) the address of the correspondig author, e) cellphone number wit international diigits, number, f) email from the institution and personal, g) funding. 
    6. Photographs must be submitted in a separate file, in .JPG or .PNG format, 300 dpi resolution.
    7. The article must be between 15 and 25 double-spaced pages. 7000 words maximum, including the references. Hence we have abstract (150 words), introduction (1500), methodology and materials (1000), results (1500), discussion (1850), references (1000)
    8. Abstracts must have purpose, methodology and materials, findings, originality in the transdiciplinary sustainable innovation research.
    9. The article must include between three and five keywords, separated with ",". Places or locations must not be listed as keywords.
    10. The article contains the title, abstract, and keywords translated into Spanish.
    11. Citations and references must meet the criteria established in this journal’s standards for authors based on APA-7.
    12. 90% of the references must be 5-10 years old. It must be provided the DOI references. If it is not not possible, provide the URLs address' (hyperlinks must work properly and contain the cited information).
    13. The text adheres to the requirements indicated in the journal’s standards for authors section.
    14.  have read and accept the responsibilities of the authors in guarantying the ethical principles of this scholarly publication.
    15. I declare, as the person responsible for the submission, that this document has no more authors than those indicated (no more names will be added in the editing process).
    16. In your application proposal, it is recommended to cite at least one of the published articles in Scientia et PRAXIS.